Interview with Irina the New DC Manager in the Nikolaev Office

by John Henry Grzyb on January 11, 2016

Hey Guys,

It’s awesome to now have Someone in the Office on a more consistent basis to interview new Ladies who apply, arrange English lessons, coordinate gift deliveries, and many other details that take place on a daily basis in Nikolaev.  Irina also holds a PhD in Education and has been a professor at a local University teaching English, and training Translators.

She has been a wonderful translator for us over the past 3 years and will be a fantastic manager of the local office.  Don’t worry, Marina is still the overall manager for Ukraine and will continue to oversee tours, operations, and Individual Quest Tour clients.

Go Watch the Video Now and Get Acquainted

In this video, Irina joins Marina and me to discuss how Guys Can Win Amazing International Women and Avoid Shooting Themselves in their Foot.

On our Newest Interview, you’ll Learn:

  • Four Things that Guys Say that KILL Attraction During International Speed Dating Events, and the Simple “Adjustment” to change it to a Major Win!
  • How to “Not Ruin It” AFTER You Find Her…
  • What YOU Bring to the Table that She Just Can’t Get From Guys back Home!
  • The Five Things You Need to Choose a Good Partner…
  • Why Language is NOT a Barrier and is JUST an Excuse

…and So Much More!


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Don January 11, 2016 at 9:04 pm

Not all guys listen to your training videos? I literally soak up EVERYTHING I can find that you’ve posted, and I’ve only known about you for 2 WEEKS!


Michael Purtell January 12, 2016 at 12:46 am

Hi Mark
I’ve just been watching your video with Marina and the new Nikolaev office manager Irina and yourself.
What a great team.
Mark I would like to ask you some questions about the unspoken side of your business.
We all know that there are good and not so good men and women .
Do you have control over who comes to your Quest Tours ?
Tell me about the number of couples that have failed relationship.
Mark I’m not sure about the Law in the US but in Australia after 2 years of a relationship the women have Huge power through the Family Law Court and its very expensive for the male and quite often no money up front for the women till they win or no win on fee.
Is it possible to have a marriage contract ???
I’m sure that all men worry about this if they have valuable assets that have taken a life time to obtain.
I have just been through this in a relationship that only lasted 2 years and she wanted half of everything.
I was very lucky because I won but you never win in these cases because the legal fees are huge and she pays nothing.
It would be great to hear your opinion on this subject .
So in short are Ukraine women Gold Diggers ????
Is there a history of this ?????
Sorry about the complexity of the questions .
Michael Purtell
Have a Great Day


matt January 12, 2016 at 6:39 pm

Hey mate, i think asking if ukraine women are gold diggers is a pretty open ended question. I am sure a certain percentage of women you meet online or otherwise are going to be gold diggers. That applies to Ukraine women and Aussie girls as well. Thats the whole idea of using a service like the one Mark supplies. The women are pre screened just like the blokes are. This way your doing the best you can to ensure that both parties involved are looking for a serious long term relationship ie marriage. Hopefully all the gold diggers or sex tourists are weeded out prior to any events.
Prenups are a pretty touchy conversation topic. I am sure they are around in Ukraine just like they are here. I am also sure that if you ask a girl to sign one, its going to be pretty easy to take offence. As your basically starting of the relationship expecting it to fail. Maybe get to know the girl, and broach the subject very carefully when you do have a good relationship.
Take it slow, see a lawyer and comunicate with her. Regardless of what country she is from. Have a good one.


Mark Davis January 13, 2016 at 1:01 pm

The real nature of your question is based on the fear that other companies have imposed on you and the rest of the industry.

What do we do that’s different? Everything. Would you like to know how we screen the men, please submit a profile and we’ll start the process with you. Would you like to know how we screen out scammers? Talk to any of the men who have been on our past tours and ask them if they encountered even one woman asking them for money on their Quest Tour.

Every one of our married couples are still together and none are in jeopardy.

Are there gold diggers in Ukraine? Sure. There are millions more in the US.

What we did was create a system that gives no room for bad girls to make any money – the customers are protected by our well trained translators. Why would they come to us? You want to know the history of other gold diggers in Ukraine? I can’t help you there. I also don’t know the history of gold diggers in the USA, even though I know they exist.

If you’d like to know more then you should listen to what our ladies say about their reasons for coming and from the men who have been there.

I really understand what you’re talking about. We started this company because the industry was so corrupt. I’m a director at and we’re trying to set standards for the industry. I have done a lot for providing scam education:

My wife, her friends, and her family were real people – genuine – warm hearted – and hard working. They represent the majority of people there. Most are not thinking about leaving their country or marrying foreign men. I wanted to help connect good men in the West with the real people overseas.

To answer your question about how we control and operate our Quest Tour program, please spend some time on this page:

To answer your questions about the sincerity of the men and women who join us, I’d encourage you to watch a few videos to hear what our ladies are saying for themselves about what they’re looking for and why they are there:

To alleviate your fears you might want to hear other men talk about their experience:

And I’m always available if you want to chat. Just pick a time on my calendar:



Dan Ecklund January 26, 2016 at 8:10 pm

Great answer, Mark!


Marco Honders January 12, 2016 at 9:48 am

Hello Mark , Anna , Marina and Irana.

Nice interview.

My Language is dutch , not english.
Can you learn the ladies also dutch?

Greetings Marco from the Netherlands.


Dan Ecklund January 26, 2016 at 8:13 pm

Marco, I doubt that Dream Connections would set up Dutch language classes on the outside chance that one of the ladies in that class might also be one that YOU decided to marry! But these women are intelligent and motivated and any of them should be able to learn Nederlands instead of English once they get to Holland.


Patrick January 12, 2016 at 2:48 pm

OMG!!!! What a wonderful session! Thank you.
My heart is full of hope…
This industry is nothing without Dream Connections. You guys are the only ones who teach, coach and follow through with frequent visits, check ins and more coaching. Wow! In addition, you have created a wonderful model in providing a support system for couples at every stage of their relationship. These “trademarks” give you unmatched credibility and set you aside in this industry. I have belonged to no fewer than 10 other websites, so I speak from experience. I believe that the best way to meet a potential mate is through a friend. THAT is what you offer.
I have not watched all of your webinars, but I have enjoyed and learned from those that I have had a chance to cue. This one was one of the most instructive to me, so I thank you and your team of amazing and gorgeous ladies for sharing.
I have also noticed that you are constantly adding offerings and assistance. You are constantly sharpening your tools and growing, with the soul purpose of beeper serving your clients/friends. Such a commitment to excellence makes one trust you even more.
One of these days, I will be going on my DREAM trip…
Thanks for keeping my fire going.


Mike Vander Loop January 14, 2016 at 8:04 am

SEQUEL (se’kwal), n. 1. a literary, visual, or auditory effort that is complete in itself, but continues the narrative of a preceding work.

Everyone can appreciate a good meal. Some have a multitude of ingredients, others are more simple in construction. In the end, nobody eats any meal in one gulp.

A Relationship Coaching Session hosted by Mark Edward Davis proves this fact, over and over. Mark understands the relevance of teaching solid material. Content that is backed-up by evidence, and choreographed by a “chef” that knows what he’s doing.

In this particular presentation, Marina and Irina bring so many real-life ingredients to the table, the session isn’t so much a meal, as it is a banquet of information that works because it was born of real-life experience. It’s clear that they care, and they want the people who invest in a Quest Tour to win.

Just like a great dining atmosphere, relationships comprise diverse ingredients, preparation, composition, and presentation. The in-depth expertise that Mark, Marina, and Irina showcase here is simply not found anywhere else.

Internet connection: $29.95 @ month…decent laptop: $299.99…Dream Connections Relationship Coaching: priceless


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