Individual Quest Tours (IQT’s)

A Program Catered to Men Who Want a

Personalized Experience Without the Group


Listen as Marina explains how the program works:

Individual Quest Tours (IQT)

The IQT is offered to those men who can’t make a group tour date or prefer to make their Quest without the group experience or to a city not on the current group tour schedule.  These have had a fantastic level of success and satisfaction for our IQT clients.

1. What is Included in an Individual Quest Tour (IQT)?

We provide transportation from/to the airport, an experienced coach for the entire tour, your own personal interpreter for your whole stay, hotel accommodations including breakfast each day, and pre-arranged initial meetings with girls selected by you and your coach during pre-travel communications. Prior to the trip date, you will have several online meetings with your DC coach to discuss your individual goals, and you will design your unique Quest itinerary together.

During the week, you and your coach will meet daily to discuss the progress of your Quest and plan for future days’ dates. Your interpreter will also act as your Personal Assistant (PA) and coordinate your dates.

FULL SUPPORT – We provide you with personal coaching, training and resources to maximize your chances for success when you go to Ukraine or Colombia in search of your life-partner.

ORGANIZED INTRODUCTIONS – We arrange a minimum of 5 dates with women you have chosen from several sources, all of whom match the description and qualities you have described in your questionnaire and in pre-trip discussions with your DC coach. We provide classy and comfortable settings for the dates in quiet cafes, restaurants and at local attractions.

HOTEL WITH BREAKFAST AND WIFI- Comfortable rooms located near the city centers. Every morning will start with a casual breakfast meeting with your coach. Keep in touch back home through the internet and Skype calls (ask us how).

PERSONAL ASSISTANT / TRANSLATOR - You receive a full-time local interpreter/P.A. while you are in Ukraine or Colombia. She will also be your guide, date coordinator, as well as your advocate. Your translator will be your shield and B.S. detector.

IN-COUNTRY CELL PHONE - Hand You Your Own Personal In-Country Cell Phone pre-programmed with your translator’s number and your guide’s local number. You’ll take this phone home with you so you can use it again when you come back to spend more time with others you meet on the tour.

AIRPORT GREETING – You’re never alone! We pick you up at the airport and travel with you to and from the airport and your hotel and help you with check-in and acclimation to the country’s unique and friendly surroundings.

POST-TRIP SUPPORT – Once you’re connected with that amazing and special woman, you need to keep the fires burning once you return home and plan for the next stages of your relationships.  You’ll have access to coaches, translators, and our recommended visa attorney to help you win during the time that follows (some additional costs their services would apply).  We provide the support you’ll need to take you through the visa process and all of the adjustments to life at your home.  And, you get all this for about half the price as old school executive tour programs!

2. What does a Quest Tour Cost?

Choose The Level That’s Right For You.

GOLD LEVEL SERVICE - This is the GOLD package.  It includes everything described above (hotels, cell phone, translator / coach, advanced set introductions, post-trip support, etc.) and extends for 9 days and 8 nights, same as the group tour, and is based on confirmed, mutually agreed upon, dates in Nikolaev.  Price $6,950.00

DIAMOND LEVEL SERVICE - This level offers all the benefits of the personal program, along with more time and more city options.  With the 2 week Executive tour, you and your coach will travel together to multiple cities in search of your Second Half, spending approximately 14 days in each of 2 cities.  This will allow you to date up to 10 women carefully pre-selected by you and your coach in pre-travel communications.  City pairs can be arranged, based on the dates’ locations.  Price $9,950.00

PLATINUM LEVEL SERVICE - This option is for men who want to experience the full VIP treatment in complete privacy and with an emphasis on comfort and flexibility.  From the higher quality hotels to the private car transports and first-class dating environments, we will make your VIP Tour one of the most luxurious and remarkable events in your personal Quest for a life partner.  All cities are available, and all dates are open.  We will work closely with you to arrange all aspects of your trip.  Price $15,000.00 and up.

3. How Do I Pay for My IQT Program?

Begin by contacting Mark or Anna Davis to discuss your options.

When you feel that an IQT program would be right for you, we’ll ask for half or full payment up front.  Select either option by clicking on the “Pay Now” button below:


We work hard for our clients to help them find a potential life-partner.  We want to make sure this program is right for you and that you are right for this program.  We don’t offer services for sex tourists or belligerent personalities. If you’re serious about your pursuit of a future wife, then you’ve come to the right company.

Call today!  She’s waiting for you to make the first step and we’ll guide you through it all.


4.  How Do I Get Started?

Start by Completing our Online Profile Form

You can start by letting us know more about yourself.  Complete our ONLINE PROFILE form.  Please find the link on Anna’s “Getting Started” Page:



For more information Call (888) 899-8600 or email Mark Davis at or Anna Davis at



Greg Follows His Heart on an Individual Quest Tour



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Marty March 25, 2015 at 12:05 pm

Mark , hi I’ve been chatting with women from Ukraine on another site if I happen to select one of your trips rather than come to the Ukraine on my own would you and Anna be able to connect with the women iam chatting with on the other site For me to meet on your trip if I provide you with the information? Thank you Marty


Rocco May 23, 2015 at 11:31 am

I like that Dream Connections have both group and individual quest tours.

I really do find the women in Medellin, Colombia attractive. Plus, I want to go there as well. Although I am planning to join A Foreign Affair dating agency, I may want to join Dream Connections as well.

It is a little overwhelming for me because there are some really good international dating agencies and many good, beautiful women overseas too.


Jack June 12, 2015 at 2:32 pm

Hi Mark and Anna! =) I really have a lot of respect and admiration for what both of you are doing for everyone! I also have questions about connections I have made with women in Ukraine. I have decided to meet some of them but they are not connected to your service. My belief is that I would feel more comfortable touring with Dream Connections, not on my own. So what options do I have if any, for that type of service? Or can you recommend or suggest any other options? I would love to hear your comments. Thanks again!


Charles September 4, 2015 at 11:38 am

I have watched a few of your videos with you and your wife. It all seems down to earth. I started dating online in 1999 when the concept was new. Since then I have been a member of many date sites seeking a woman to eventually become my wofe. I recently became interested in Ukraine women. By the way, I’m African-American, divorced, aged 49 yrs. this month. I’ve danced around meeting European women in the past because of stories I’ve heard of European men preferring caucasian men. Maybe I missed it but I have not seen pictures or videos of black guys on your tours. What prompted me to revisit possibly dating a Ukrainian woman is that one recently contactd me on a christian date site. We have been exchanging letter through personal emails and they all seem authentic and genuine but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve been online for many years and I’ve learned how to spot red flags through trial and error but The jury is still out on this Ukraine woman from Langsk. Ultimately I know the need to meet in person as I’ve travelled several times to meet women that I met online first in places like India, and the Caribbean Islands. Your company seems legit but very expensive compared to most ( Boy you are making a good living!!) and I cannot afford your packages at this present time. Anyway, I did enjoy your Q&A video on Youtube with your wife. I enjoyed listening to her give insight on the Ukrainian woman’s psyche. God bless and all the best with your company.


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