Mark’s Favorite Cigars

by Mark Davis on August 1, 2014

Mark’s Favorite Cigars

I’ve had guys ask me what cigars I like so I thought I’d share four of my favorites and tell you more about what I like about each.

Gurka Grand Reserve

- Approx. $15 to $18 each

I have a great story about this cigar.  On my return trip from having met my wife, we had a layover in Viena and I wanted to celebrate with a cigar.  This was the only one they had at the fancy bar/lounge in the Hilton at the airport, but it was and is the most magnificent cigar I’ve ever had.

It comes in a glass tube with a gold wax seal on top.  The cigar is almost Churchill in size.  It’s a light but herbal smoke.  Among the most consistent wraps you’ll ever find.  The outer leave wrap has been flavored with Louie the XIV Cognac.  It is by far the most incredible cigar I have ever had – not to mention the very personal history that goes along with it.  I brought two of these with me on the June tour to celebrate with Jeremy when he knew he’d found the one.


Rocky Patel Java Cigars by Drew Estate

- Approx. $6 to $8 each

I was introduced to these by a friend nearly 8 years ago.  They are square in final shape.  They are a robusto in size and make for a wonderful desert-like flavor.  Cigars don’t have to be heavy and I make no apologies for enjoying flavored cigars as long as they are subtle in the flavors.

The Java is named that because the outer wrappers are flavored with a slurry mix that included coffee beans and java beans for a mocha like flavor.  The inner leaves are a mild but nutty blend.  This would be the equivalent of a good micro brew if you are a beer drinker.

These are just a sheer pleasure on any occasion and I have yet to meet a man who didn’t love them.



Acid Cigars

- Approximately $9 to $11 each

Acid Cigars are made to be enjoyed.  They are flavored, but in a way I can’t really describe.  They are on the sweet side, but robust at the same time.  Acid makes many different flavors and they are all wonderful.  The ones in the photo below have a twist end so you can twist off the stuff and create a natural hole without having to have a hole punch with you.



Tatiana Cigars – “Rum”

- Approximately $4 to $5 each

I was originally curious about these because the other love interest I had in Ukraine was also named Tatiana.  These cigars are a bit smaller than the Java’s, but have very similar desert-like qualities that just make them a pleasure to smoke.  My favorite flavor would be “Rum”.  The sampler pack is a fantastic choice as well.





Gift packs can be sent to Mark Davis, 5402 Dillweed Ct., North Las Vegas, NV 89031 – I’m just sayin’  ;-)

What are your favorites?




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Mike Phillips August 19, 2014 at 4:39 pm

I have never smoked a cigarette, and I am not a big drinker, however that said, my son Jarrid (30), on his last visit to Cali, brought a $12 cigar, and I supplied the Dalmore. Not inhaling, the cigar made the already smooth Dalmore scotch even smoother. I was impressed.


Mark Davis August 19, 2014 at 4:59 pm

Hey, Mike:

I’m with you on that. I’ve never smoked cigarettes and I like the fact that you don’t inhale cigars. I like a good scotch or spiced rum to sip along with a cigar.

These are things to be shared in the company of good friends.



Mike March 28, 2015 at 9:03 am

A Romeo y Julieta Churchhill, consistent for being earthy, smooth, and with a tinge of sweetness, or a Montecristo No.2, which has tea, honey, and almond notes. A lightly chilled Australian Virginia Tawny Port is an excellent sipping addition to illuminate any topic discussed among friends, while holding one of the aforementioned cigars in hand.


Luke Pare September 30, 2015 at 9:26 am

Hey Mark,
You might want to try a cigar by Peppin Garcia…. its called the Flora de Las Antillas.
It’s a Cigar in the My Father series…. Been rated #1 for like 5 years in a row.
One of my favourite smokes without a doubt… very consistent and great flavor.
Love it with a nice Rum or Scotch.
Thanks for all the great features on your site… I appreciate all your doing.


Dave Tirschman January 30, 2016 at 11:43 am

Hi Mark
An occasional cigar to me is such a blessing. To just sit take a puff and put it in an ashtray let it sit It is great. A cigar forces me to slow down and relax. I have even heard of a few doctors mention this. Back in November the cigar place I frequent has a yearly anniversary and the owner has 10 cigar makers come. The entire cost of the ticket to attend given back in cigars to the guys and a few ladies that attend. I was sitting there for 4 hours. I sat at a table talking with this young couple Phillip and his wife Isabella. He owns the Philipe Gregorio Cigar company. During the time I was telling them about Dream Connections and the lovely ladies in the Ukraine and that I was planning to go in 2016. They mentioned to let them know who it works out for me. I guess I would say the best thing about a cigar is the time spent and the company of other people is so wonderful.


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