New Testimonial from Jon from the November Quest Tour

by Mark Davis on December 27, 2014

Jon took part in the November 2014 Quest Romance Tour to Ukraine where he met many Ukrainian women and found one that lit his world on fire!  He shares his story in this conversation.

This interview was recorded on one of the regular Monday night open-line calls. It’s a program that we call TribeTALK. Be sure to get on our email list to catch all of the program invitations.



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Paul Philipp January 3, 2015 at 1:38 am

Great video Jon , Mark And Todd . Wish I would have caught the live version , Internet issues foiled that though. Well done ! Here is getting together sometime in 2015 , like March if any of you happen to be around Nikolaev. Take care


Ryan Epper January 7, 2015 at 11:54 am

Hi Mark,
I Try to have an attitude of gratitude !
I am writing you with all sincerity. I love wisdom. Let me say …
Imagine King Solmon during is reign had …
All the money in the world!
All the power in the world!
All the woman he wanted in the world!
God really given him some HOT gifts….can you feel the heat?
King Solmon’s down fall was the woman he picked to do life with . King Solmon’s pride burned him retheorically speaking. I need prayers to make the choice with finding the “One” Pray for me!

I’m not a Bible Thumper! I’m a redicoulsly a sinner that wants 1 super pretty, 1 very intelligent, 1 nurturing, 1 loyal woman that wants to truly love me and eventually my 2 kids. I protect them so not any woman will even get close to my kids unless that woman is the “one and only”

I have tons of stuff I like to share but I am a little Add. Just finish reading please .
I love John 3:30 !!! So simple and yet BOLDLY the Truth!
My favorite number is 3! It’s for real the “Trinity”!
I like that song by Whittney by the way . I want somebody to me! I love good music! Whoever, added the super cool techno rave dance music to the YouTube video is genius.
I will look up the video send it to you so that person gets the credit and praise.

My plan and goal is to do a dream connection.
I have not filled out the application or the right chain of events but I will !

Question should I wait to do the one on one tour just the basic one on one tour or do the group tour? I may need the extra days because I need to be very picky . I like to target for This September tour. Key point , I want the very best intreptrer that has similar faith as we do Brother! I don’t have a money printing business ! I have to save and plan.
Will planning now for the September tour be out of the question for the dream connection tour?

Ryan Epper in Alabama


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